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Renita Marie Green is the third born of four children. After the death of their mother, Renita and her siblings were moved from a small Southwest Missouri town to live with their grandmother in KC, KS.

Renita was a teen-age wife and mom of two. After years of domestic violence they divorced and Renita single parented for eight years. Renita supported her family by providing low-cost, licensed childcare for other struggling families while chipping away at a college degree. Renita has also worked as a Senior Center Administrator and as an Apartment Property Manager.


After remarrying in 2000, Renita and her children moved to St. Louis. She graduated from Saint Louis University (finally) and eventually continued to earn her Master’s Degree from Payne Theological Seminary in 2014.


Renita was fully ordained in the African Methodist Episcopal Church in 2008. She has served 4 churches since 2001, the most recent St. James AME Church in Cape Girardeau.

Renita knows the hardships of poverty, ~isms and has known the healing power of God’s love. Renita believes in our democracy and has long advocated for the protection of our human rights. Renita has been a force for justice, publicly calling on leaders to behave like they say they believe.


Renita believes that ALL people should be granted access to that which is necessary to be self-sustaining and safe in a thriving community.

Renita believes that District 147 can be a great community with excellent schools, livable wages, access to health care (including mental health), safe shelter & affordable housing, viable small & big business, beautiful parks, improved infrastructure where we are reasonably protected from the harm of all types of violence for ALL the people.


As our elected State Representative District 147 Renita will work for the legislation and funding necessary to make our good District a great one for all.

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