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(1) Education

Nearly every social issue is tied to education.

Safety, wealth, health, wellness, employability, civic engagement and overall quality of life trends upwards for those who have had the benefit of a quality educational experience.  Our schools, colleges and universities must be adequately funded.  Educators on all levels must be competitively paid. Buildings must be safe from hazard and harm.  Teachers must have the opportunity to teach students how to live more than teach students how to test.


We can do this!



(2) Quality, Affordable Housing and Safe Shelter

Missourians have the right to live in homes that are energy efficient, pest free and affordable.  Tax credits and incentives must be available for developers who want to create, improve and maintain quality, affordable housing.  Protections for renters must be universally in place.  The unhoused and unsheltered must have access to safe shelter during inclement weather with a path toward permanent housing, when desired.


We can create safe, affordable housing.



(3) Accessible, Affordable Health Care

Medications, wellness visits, urgent care visits and emergencies should be accessible for all people.  Retirees should not have to choose which medication they will take.  Young families should not have avoid medical attention.  People who are sick should not have to be near death before receiving treatment.  Mental health must be treated locally in safe settings and not institutionalized in local jails.


We can increase the health and wellbeing of our neighbors!



(4) Strong Businesses

Small businesses are the life and fabric of community.  Large businesses are often the glue that holds a community together.  Both are essential for a healthy, thriving community.  We must ensure that small businesses are sustainable and that we are attractive to large industry.


We can do both!



(5) Livable Wage and Worker's Protection

"The laborer is worth of their hire" is what the sacred text says.  People should not have to work three jobs and still live in poverty.  Workers deserve the dignity of being able to support their families without having to beg charities for supplements.


We can figure out how to pay workers a sustainable wage.



(6) Sensible Gun Protections

Missourians should have a reasonable sense of safety in their homes, communities, churches and schools. Gun safety locks sold with guns, closing gun show loopholes raising the purchasing age to 21 and gun free education campuses are strategies that will help increase our sense of safety and well-being.




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"As your elected Representative for Missouri House District 147 I will work continuously, compassionately, cautiously and collaboratively for the legislation and funding necessary to take our good and make it great." - Renita

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